Karen & Ov Mora
Santa Barbara, California

AUG 01, 2021

It is good business practice to continuously be on the lookout for improved efficiencies – that goes for business owners across the board in every industry. Karen and Ov Mora’s story begins with their hunt for a newer, more technologically advanced software platform to help provide a more customized experience for their clients while continuing to grow their client base. So, their journey begins! 

Karen Mora had owned and operated a successful bookkeeping firm for over 15 years when she discovered Payroll Vault. With a healthy client base, it was time to begin seeking a more robust software that would allow her full control and to provide an array of expanded services, such as electronic timekeeping, HR Support, and Background checks. 

Throughout her quest to research software, a whole new concept found them – a payroll franchise. Intrigued, the Moras began looking into the software platform and were impressed which led them to start diving into the franchise ownership piece. The more they learned about the concept, the clearer the path became. They concluded that Payroll Vault was the perfect fit for their needs and then some – it was complete with the software and business pieces they needed and wanted to expand. 


“The structure and support the company provides is what we were looking for. We were able to process payroll successfully before but were lacking the foundation needed to train new payroll processors and to market and grow the company. This has all been solved by Payroll Vault.” 

Karen continues,” I am proud to be a Payroll Vault owner! The franchise and owners support each other, and my payroll company would never have been this successful on my own. I look forward to growing the company and providing excellent services to our rapidly growing client base.”

The Mora’s top goal for 2021 is to continue to help as many clients as possible to receive the Employer Retention Tax Credit. Currently, they have collected almost $1M in credits for clients and have identified many more businesses (clients and not) that qualify. “It’s all about helping our business community thrive, especially when times appear dim,” says Mora.

Karen’s biggest hobby over this last year has been reading and learning about all of the SBA and IRS tax relief programs to support clients. Karen excitedly says, “Now that we are moving past that, I can get back to real hobbies which include traveling to Costa Rica, my husband and business partner’s birth country (we just booked the trip), reading, beach walks and catching up on the newest Star Trek series, Discovery and Picard which I finally have time to watch.”