Labor Law Poster Services

Convenience of Subscription Service

If you have a sole-proprietorship or LLC for your personal consulting business and don’t employ anyone, you are exempt from needing labor law posters. But companies that have even just one employee are required to post all applicable State and Federal labor law posters in a conspicuous place easily and conveniently available for viewing by employees.

In addition, labor law postings are updated frequently and sporadically throughout the year. It's the responsibility of you, the employer, to remain vigilant on law changes and in compliance with the postings.

It is vital to have a current labor law poster posted in employee view, or you are at risk for heavy fines and penalties. With our labor law poster subscription service, each time there is a change or update to a labor law that affects you and requires a new poster, one will be mailed to you automatically. 

The Payroll Vault Value
  • Compliance assurance
  • Avoid fines
  • Convenience of a poster subscription
    *each time the labor law changes, you will receive an updated poster 

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